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We comply with national and international regulations to supply and provide maritime services.

We always go much further, our projects have benefited from satisfying the needs of our clients

For more than 30 years, we have been a comprehensive company. Not only have we been Ship Chandler, we have taken the step to be trusted Ship Suppliers, distributing more than 1000 certified, current and safe products. You have placed your trust in us, we have satisfied all your needs.

Fresh Provision / Bonded Store

We have a wide variety of frozen and fresh products. From the widest variety of canned goods as well as sausages.

Technical Store

All Vessels Departments, Cabin, Deck, Engineering, General Store, 110v or 220v products and machinery.

Technical Services

We have heavy machinery rental service, preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment, garbage unloading and sludge.

Operations Coordinator – Julio R. Montoya

Competition and innovation, a way to be more efficient.

In our organization we not only meet standards, we exceed them, we are committed to meeting all the needs of our customers, every shipment every time. Our impact goes beyond our deliveries. We drive our clients’ success by ensuring that each one navigates with confidence and efficiency.

A commitment to continuous improvement is ingrained in our culture. We strengthen ourselves by building and training qualified personnel to participate in our activities.

We comply with an excellent indicator of 98% in each delivery made to our customers, through our customer satisfaction formats, which has been a tool to identify conformities as well as shortcomings within our work.

Mooring Rope

8 Strand PP/PE. 50mm , 64mm , 72mm.
12 Strand PP/PE. 72mm , 80mm.


  • Wet strength equal to dry strength
  • Excellent resistance to frictional heat damage
  • Remains fl exible and easy to splice in use
  • Does not absorb water
  • Fully UV stabilized
  • Excellent chemical resistance except in the
    presence of alkalis


Countries Covered


Success Rate


Projects Complete



CSS Team

Our great CSS team.

Communication is the key to success, which is why we provide spaces for the training and coaching of our interdisciplinary staff.

Mr. Clever


Ing. Luis E. Ramos

Purchasing Coordinator

Julio Montoya

Operations Coordinator

Ing. Juan D.


Yulieth Molina


Stephany Aguirre

Billing & Collections

Andrea Trujillo

Executive Commercial

Keyla Polo

Access control

Felipe Berrio


Shirley Viloria


Jhon Linares

Operations Supervisor

Pedro Mendinueta

Operations Assistant

César Ramos

Operations Assistant

Benjamín Luna

Operations Assistant

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Competence, quality and certified safety.

Our pilot and embarkation ladders are all over the world!

We have competent personnel for each of the processes associated with the manufacture, marketing and monitoring of marine equipment ladders. Thus, it is the first company in Colombia and in all of Latin America.